Log cabin

Log cabin
Log cabin

Cosy cabin

This log cabine is situated amongst very old olive trees/in the middle of an ancient olive grove.
It is located in a secluded spot from the main campsite with a lot of privacy and its own terrace/porch. Open the doors whilst you enjoy your breakfast and let nature into your home.
Enjoying the wonderful Abruzzese life you can rotate around the log cabin with the sun, which at the end of the day slowly goes down between the magical peaks of the Apennines.

Magnific mountains view

For a cabin experience that doesn’t skip on luxury, check out the  cabin at Rocca di Sotto. This cabin is the perfect romantic getaway. Enjoy the magnific mountains views, private porch, fireplace, outsite showers, and more. Or stay in and enjoy the tiny life from the comfort of your cabin.

Facilities and comfort

The cabin consists of a living room including a kitchen unit and a bedroom for 2 people. The cottage/cabin measures 7 by 4 meters and can accommodate up to 3 people with the addition of a cot bed.
Shower and toilet facilities can be found in the communal washing area, just 50 meters from the cabin.

The facilities of the cabin are:

  • double bed including bed linen, blankets and pillows
  • towels and kitchen linen
  • table with chairs
  • gas stove
  • fridge
  • kitchen inventory
  • wood stove
  • picnic table
  • terrace set
  • gas, water and electricity

Prices and reservations

The cabin is for two persons and can be rented for at least two days. If you book seven days, you only pay for six days.

Spring and autumn enjoyment
From April 11 to July 1st and from September 1st to October 1st: €65.00/day or €390.00/week.

Summer joy
In midsummer, from July 1st to September 1st: €72.00/day or €432.00/week.

More about the prices here

Away from the crowds, so that you can have a special time unbothered by the outside world.