Nature cottage


Tiny house or nature cottage…

you can name this hut on wheels as you like. With the wonderful view of the mountains and the high veranda between the trees naming it ‘nature cottage’ would probably fit best.
So, if you would like to spend your holiday surrounded by nature and with plenty of privacy, then this cottage is your place to be.

Hikers or travellers who are passing through, or are looking for longer stays, can spend comfortable nights here. If you like to have more space, than we reccommand you our log cabin that is standing at the other site of the olivegrove.


Facilities and comfort

The cottage offers the following amenities in one space of 2 x 3 meters.
Outside there is the veranda between the trees of 3 mt. at 3 mt. It feels like a tree house in the middle of the nature.
There is no electricity in the cabin, but there are solar powered lamps. The sanitary facilities offers electricity.

The cosy cottage offers the following furnishings:

  • double bed including bed linen, blankets, pillows
  • table with 2 chairs
  • mobile gas stove
  • basic kitchen inventory
  • picnic table
  • terrace set
  • solar-lighting

There are refrigerators in the sanitary area and there is a box to charge your phone.

Prices and booking

The cottage is for two persons and can be rented for at least two days. If you book seven days, you only pay for six days.

Spring and autumn pleasure
From April 11 to July 1st and from September 1st to October 1st: € 52.00/day or € 312.00/week.

Summer fun
In midsummer, from July 1st to September 1st: € 59.00/day or € 354.00/week.

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