Freedom and happiness

Wether it’s an oldtimer campervan, former fire truck or ambulance, already many owners have camped at Rocca di Sotto with their own tiny house on wheels.

It’s your turn now! Pack your things, hit the road in your van and let the adventure begin. A visit at Rocca di Sotto in Abruzzo can make your roadtrip through Italy even more adventurous; the choice is yours.

Little old road

At Rocca di Sotto, 3 beautiful (gravel) places for camper vans have been created with a view of the high mountains of the Gran Sasso. Unfortunately, to be able to enjoy one of these special places, the bit steep and bumpy municipal access road is unavoidable. After the last 100 meters it offers an oasis of peace, space and nature.
A van with some power makes the ride uphill when you leave more pleasant. If it has rained heavily, we recommand to wait until the road has dried up a bit. Sorry, it is not possible to come to this place with a camper or caravan.

Magical peaks of Gran Sasso

15 Years ago we traveled through Europe with our little blue campervan in search of our dream and hopefully, someday be able to realize a mini campsite surrounded by nature.

We found our destination in Abruzzo called “Rocca di Sotto”. It’s only a one hour drive to the beach and one hour to the enchanting “Campo Imperatore“. A small and old bumpy road led us to a beautiful olive grove with fabulous views over the hills of the “National Parc Gran Sasso”. And there it was.
And there it was. At the end of the road we found a deserted house and so we decided to make our own boondog camp there. (sttttt…, don’t tell anyone).
That evening, while we enjoyed the magnificent view over the magical peaks of Gran Sasso, with a glass of good Montepulciano wine and countless ‘dancing’ fireflies around us, the plans and ideas of the campsite all came together… But the absolute best experience was seeing the beautiful sky above us and counting the stars through the tiny window in the roof while we were laying in our bed.

Nature experience

There is no electricity and no system for discharging water at the site. But a small climb brings you to the sanitary building which has 3 bathrooms, an outside kitchen with fridges, and two outdoor showers. We hope you will experience the same feeling as we then did. We are pleased to say a lot of guests already did. We offer you a beautiful place, a lot of privacy, no stress and amazing views.

Camping with a van or a 4×4 motorhome at Rocca di Sotto is a true nature experience. The luxury of Rocca di Sotto is the ‘simplicity’ of nature!



The price per night for 2 persons, car, tent or camper van:

from May 1 to July 1 and from September 1 to October 1 € 28.00
from July 1 to September 1 € 31.00

Welcome at Rocca di Sotto in Abruzzo, Italy!